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10 Things I Want To Say To One Person

Day Four : 
10 things I want to say to one person

For My Last Ex-GF of a Month..LOL

  1. If I didn't text you or something, doesnt mean that i forget @ dont mind you
  2. I wish I'm not trying alone
  3. If I did anything wrong, just tell me straight to the point
  4. I'm so happy to see that you are happy now
  5. Did you met him while with me or you already met him before me?
  6. Maybe at least you can tell me your reasons for the silent
  7. No I am not blaming you at all
  8. But do you really need to remove me from your facebook account?
  9. I think you look way much better with your headscarf (tudung)
  10. Semoga Allah bukakan hati ko semula untuk menutup aurat & etc..amiin

that really sounds so pathetic moved on ^_^

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