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Shopping in Korea!!! - Hongdae Fashion Streets

As Ive told u guys before, I shopped a lil bit way too much while in Korea. I know it is not good but I helplessly could be a shopaholic at times (somewhat seasonal) but shopping in Korea leaves me with no regrets, like seriously. LOL

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KOMTEP 2018 - Souvenirs For Korean Students and Teachers

I am really sorry I forgot to mention about to spare some space in your luggage for your souvenirs for the Koreans. No it is not compulsory but it would be a very nice gesture as a token of appreciation and also for a memory for them to keep.

with our mentor and vice principal


since lately I kept getting questions like ; nak bawa apa eh? ko bawa apa last year? tak lebih muatan ka? so I'm goin to share a little about packing tips for KOMTEP. So post lelain berkaitan sekolah, kelas & such abam KIV dulu k..

anyway last year I was assigned to take care of logistics since I was quite an avid backpacker (somewhat). So here are some of the tips that I have shared with my fellow beloved KOMTEP 2018 siblings + some new one

The Korean Air passengers 

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