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since lately I kept getting questions like ; nak bawa apa eh? ko bawa apa last year? tak lebih muatan ka? so I'm goin to share a little about packing tips for KOMTEP. So post lelain berkaitan sekolah, kelas & such abam KIV dulu k..

anyway last year I was assigned to take care of logistics since I was quite an avid backpacker (somewhat). So here are some of the tips that I have shared with my fellow beloved KOMTEP 2018 siblings + some new one

The Korean Air passengers 

Check in baggage = 23kg
Hand carry = 12kg

Clothes - Bring versatile clothes that u can wear to different occasions. Be it shirts or tshirts. Please do check with ur school about how u should dress to school. Do consider about the season transition as well because its not gonna be cold all the time

Jacket & Sweater - Do not pack the bulky 1. It is better to wear layers of clothes instead of 1 thick bulky jacket or sweater so u can take some off when u are indoor & put some more when u go outside. Bring 1 or 2 onboard by wearing them. U can buy more of them later with more options & cheaper price in Korea

Pants - Please check with ur school if u can wear jeans everyday or not. If not, bring thicker pants like khakis & wear them with long johns when its too cold. For jeans, those normal jeans might also needs to be worn with long johns. Unless u get the winter type jeans. Again do consider about the season transition

Sweatpants - U'll need it when u are home & to bed. Get the thicker 1 so u can wear them outside as well. PJs may not be that suitable in that weather unless u like being cold & airy at home (like me) 😜

Shoes - Choose comfortable shoes with good sole like sneakers or flat pump shoes for ladies because you are gonna walk around a lot!!! Again make them versatile, not too fancy & not too formal so u can wear them to school or to roam around.

Socks - Just bring a few thick socks. U can buy them there as low as 550won (RM2) a pair. But mind you, you might need to change socks every now & then because your feet would tend to sweat & smell much faster (due to the climate I guess)

Cosmetics and body care - Korea offers many beauty products, but if ure using specific products, do bring them just enough for 3 months. But if u are ok with changing products, feel free to try Korean products, there are so many good & cheap one 😊

- KOMTEP T-shirts & Hoodie
- Traditional Costume
- Songket Attire (compulsory for our batch)
- 1 formal Attire
- Anything related to ur project plan (things u cannot get there)

- Lip balm (or ull crack ur lips there)
- Medicine (for flu, cold, migraine, gastric, diarrhoea & etc : get urself checked & know ur body condition. U can get them for free from gov hosp as well, ask for pills since they are much easier to bring)
- Medicated oil (Minyak cap kapak) / Balm / Vicks : Either 1 u prefer the most
- Sweater / Jacket : 1-2 pcs
- Blazer : 1 pcs
- Shirts / Tshirts : 8-10 pcs
- Pants / Jeans : 4-5 pcs
- Sweatpants : 2 pcs
- Innerwear : 7-10 pcs/pairs
- Towel : 1-2 pcs
- Socks : 2-3 pairs
- Shoes : 1-2 pairs
- Toiletries & body care products : if u bring the liquid type products as hand carry, make sure to pack them only 100ml each
- Universal Travel Adaptor
- Power bank : MUST bring as HAND CARRY

Specially for ladies ;
- Pantyliner / Pad : they are very expensive there so do bring enough supplies

- Sejadah (can share with partner if both muslims)
- Kain pelikat / Telekung
- Long johns / winter innerwear (some may not like to wear them, you can buy them there as well, much cheaper)
- Muffler (can buy there)
- Dry foods
- Monopod / Selfie stick (handy to record yourself in classroom, quite expensive there)

Pack ur clothes & things for Local Adjustment Training separately as hand carry to lessen the hassle of packing things back after the training 😊

BUT if you are somewhat a shopaholic like me, do consider of bringing less of these things!!! :

- Shirts & Tshirts : u can get them as low as 10kwon for 3 pieces!!!
- Pants / Jeans : u can get them as low as 10kwon for 2 pieces!!!
- Sweater / Hoodies : u can get them as low as 10kwon for 2 pieces!!!
- Jacket / Trench Coat : u can get them as low as 10kwon each!!!
- Shoes : u can get them as low as 10kwon each for ladies and 20kwon each for gents!!!

like seriously? yes! but I will talk about my shopping later in next post. F.Y.I I bought at least twice the amount of clothes I brought from Malaysia 😅

Other than that, you can get these stuff with cheaper price in DAISO (FYI their DAISO products are not like ours) :

- Lip balm
- Towel

For the record, last year I also brought along a hand blender and a handfull of dried chilli as well to make my own chilli paste for sambal since their chilli paste (gochujang) are totally different and dried chilli are not sold widely and quite pricy as well.

As for the dry foods, you may have to check on the currect flight policy on things allowed & prohobited. As for me, here are some of the things that I brought last year :

- Serunding (chicken & beef)
- Stock cubes (chicken, beef & tomyam)
- Laksa Sarawak paste
- Sagu (for ambuyat)
- Powdered coconut milk (available there as well but quite expensive)
- Serbuk kunyit & kurma (curry powder from India are available there)

So thats it. You may need to adjust the list according to your needs & preferences.
Good luck packing 😊👍

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