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KOMTEP 2018 – Sayang Kinabalu Class - Part 1

As we also act as Malaysia little ambassador, I decided to do a class to promote our tourism aspect as well. My initial plan was to go for Malaysia’s tourist attractions (even made the slides), but after considering some aspects and their interest in Kota Kinabalu (seems to be quiet famous among Koreans), so I decided to focus on Sabah tourism spot instead. I even got some request from some homeroom teacher (words somehow spread that I am from “Kota Kinabalu” ; they are not familiar with “Sabah” btw) to do this class during my period with them.

The 40 mins class goes like this :

1. Introduction – 5 mins
2. Sabah Tourism Spot – 10 mins
3. Singing “Sayang Kinabalu” – 25 mins

Lets break it down a bit more detailed..

INTRODUCTION : I showed them map of Asia continent and ask them to guess where is Malaysia, then gave them a brief introduction about Malaysia (refer to slides) and later introduce them to Kota Kinabalu, referred as “My Hometown”.

SABAH TOURISM SPOT : I introduce them to 6 top tourism hotspot in Sabah and ask how many of them would like to visit those places accordingly by raising their hands.

SINGING “SAYANG KINABALU” : I guide them to read the lyrics of the song (hangulized by me), explain to them the meaning of it by translating  it line by line, and teach them to sing the song using music audio and video with the lyrics. There are many repetitive words in the song that makes it easier to teach them the song. Parts of the song are divided by gender as well (just like in the audio) 

Sayang Kinabalu with hangulized lyrics

Last but not least, everyone were asked to state which tourism spot they would love to visit the most as a closure. Really sorry I did not have any picture from the class, but I actually included a clip of the kids singing Sayang Kinabalu in our video HERE.

U can download the slides (and the lyrics sheet) down below, + that Malaysia Tourism Spot slides which I didn’t get to use, for ur reference or to use if u want to. Pleasure is all mine 😊

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