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KOMTEP 2018 – Sayang Kinabalu Class – Part 2

F.Y.I, I only did this Part 2 of Sayang Kinabalu class for Grade 6 since this is actually a dance class! Im serious! LOL! I taught them Sumazau dance during this class. Clearly it is not that easy to teach kids to dance just in 40 mins, but it is actually doable, in my case Grade 6 it is and since Sumazau itself is actually pretty easy to learn anyway XD

Unfortunately, I do not have any picture from that class (the homeroom teacher did took some but forgot to ask from her T_T) because I was literally breaking my sweat!!! (its a dance class with kids anyway so what do u expect). Anyway heres how I did it :

1. Introduction – 5 mins
2. Dance lesson – 30 mins
3. Closure – 5 mins

INTRODUCTION : I showed 2 vids; i) Sumazau dance performance with the song Sayang Kinabalu (taken from YouTube) ; ii) Sumazau dance performance by us during Ojeon Elementary School Multicultural Festival (LOL) just to give them the idea of the dance and the fact that even I can do the dance XD

credit to this video which I found on youtube :)

DANCE LESSON : FUN FACT : I don’t dance!!! I literally am not a dancer nor do I used to dance so this class was absolutely a crazy idea of mine!!! XD I just felt like doing it since I thought the kids gonna enjoy it & Sumazau literally only have 2 basic steps. So I thought its goin to be easy but it was absolutely hectic though the kids actually really enjoyed it & surprisingly so do I XD. Some of the kids actually did really well!!! I first teach them the 2 basic steps, then they take turn moving in pairs and finally altogether in a circle. It was so much fun!!!

I actually did recorded some clips but unfortunately they were all gone in my old phone so.. T_T

CLOSURE : I showed them the MV of Original Sabahan just to give them more glimpse of Sabah. It is also a good way to catch a breath after that 30 mins intense dancing XD

sepa tak tahu lagu ni angkat kaki XD

U can download the slides (all the videos are included in the slides) down below for ur reference or to use if u want to. Pleasure is all mine 😁

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