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10 Things I Love

Day Two : 
10 things I love

  1. koooooooocheng!
  2. coklat! tambah2 ferrero rocher xpn mars la..
  3. ice cream! teringin sangat nak cuba haagen dazs..*berangan*
  4. dim sum - still hunting for a great place for halal dim sum with reasonable price..any suggestion?
  5. western foods - because i dont really like rice to be honest~
  6. authentic foods!! love to try a new 1!!
  7. sayur - macam nda sah klu makan nasi teda sayur taw
  8. music - R&B, Soul, Pop, K-Pop, Swing Jazz, & etc
  9. nice perfume..would love to have Givenchy Play!
  10. my gadgets - lappy *walaupun da uzur* with broadband, hp, mp3

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