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10 Wishes

Day Five : 
10 wishes

  1. I wish I got Doraemon always by my side - or at least his pocket & stuff XD
  2. I wish I can have that time bending remote control Adam Sandler got in the movie Click..hahaha
  3. I wish I'm a more outgoing person..huhu
  4. I wish I can choose my own way~
  5. I wish I can do what I love the most for living~
  6. I wish I don't get old or get to be old ;p
  7. I wish I would find the right girl to spend my life with ;p
  8. I wish my family especially my parents are all in a good health & would be there when I tie the knot ;p
  9. I wish I would have a twin baby..later..LOL XD
  10. I wish I can have a cat house for the homeless & stray cats..huhu


  1. 3/10 semuanya pasal.. em.. kawin? ek? kau ke ni? huhu~ :P

  2. pasl pe nina? haha..knp? x caye? ekeke

  3. nui..cita2 tuh..hrp2 ada rezeki:) amin~


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