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GCED stands for Global Citizenship Education. Actually we always have this in our curriculum, especially as a multicultural country. Just that, GCED touched on even broader issue since its on global scale. Bersesuaian dengan program pertukaran guru ini, kami diberi peluang untuk menghadiri konferens yang bukan mudah untuk join ni. We are so lucky you guys!!! Teachers and educators from all over the world come to attend this conference even from Malaysia!!!

Breakfast before going for the 1st day of GCED Conference


The KOMTEP delegates in songket on the 1st day

Konferens ni berlangsung selama 2 hari iaitu pada 5 - 6 September di Lotte Hotel, Seoul. Tapi kami cuma datang full day pada 5 September tu dan 6 September tu kami datang pada slot petang je sebab pagi kitorang ada sesi lain kat APCEIU.

With some mongolian teachers
On the 5th tu kitorang pakai persalinan songket lengkap bertanjak lagi buat yang lelaki ok. Memang jadi perhatian la haritu & bangga gak sebab secara langsung dapat promote our traditional costume to the world. Memang ramai educators dari negara lain tegur tanya pasal baju & ajak bergambar. Fefeeling retis kejap sehari :p

2nd day : formal attire

Pose berangan dengan housemate XD

& on the 6th, since we are wearing formal attire, I decided to wear pinakoh from rungus tribe of Sabah with my attire. Credit to my friend Gorves for lending me the pinakoh and giving the idea to wear it with formal attire. Again ditegur and dipuji by educators from other countries :D.. Bila lagi nak promote kan sambil fefeeling retis sendu kejap :p

Bajet sunggoh, sila muntah XD

Kepoyoan melampau lagi XD

In the bus with an Indonesian teacher (he is a principal btw)

BTW, back to the main topic, what is GCED? For me personally, saya akan simpulkan sebagai it is our role as the people of the world to own our responsibility towards global issue, not just as a citizen of certain countries but as the citizen of the world, despite our races, skin colour, religion and other differences.

To know more about GCED, you guys can actually enroll for the GCED ONLINE CAMPUS for FREE HERE!!! As an educator, I do believe this is very important for us, & for sure Malaysia is on its way to implement this into our education system as well & it is always good to know things beforehand right?

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