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This orientation session which is called the Local Adjustment Training was held for 5 days from 3 - 7 September 2018. Pengisian? Banyak sangat! We are absolutely full packed for the whole 5 days. So walaupun duk hotel mahal 4 malam, hanya dapat menikmati bilik mahal untuk tidur sajo. LOL

1st session. Makan snek dulu XD

Memasing excited dapat goodie bag. LOL

1st dinner at an asian food restaurant makan makanan thai and some asian fusion food (kuey teow goreng & sayur campur)

Dari buka akaun bank Korea (for the allowance), to visiting National Museum of Contemporary Hisory, and short course on learning Hangul, it was absolutely an amazing experience and very helpful for us to prepare ourselves before going to our school. We also went to the 3rd International Conference on GCED (Global Citizenship Education) kat Lotte Hotel Seoul for 1 1/2 day. Tapi hat tu nanti saya cerita dalam post lain.

I made the initial design for this sublimation T-shirt and finalized by our Abam Komtep, Chekgu Farid :)

Local Adjustment Training ni dijalankan secara bersama untuk guru-guru dari Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia. Tapi on certain session ada yang dijalankan secara berasingan dan ada yang bergabung.

On top of the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History building with all the teachers from every country participating

A very cute 3 tyres pick up truck at the museum XD

Visiting King Sejong :)
I honestly dont know what happened here.. LOL

Somehow the maknaes sat together for dinner that day XD

Masa introduction to Korea, kitorang sekali dengan cikgu-cikgu dari Indonesia sebab penceramah tu lecturer bahasa Indonesia kat Korea. Semasa pengenalan sistem sekolah plak, kitorang semua asing ikut negara dan jenis sekolah. Time ni kitorang dengar lecture dari cikgu Korea yang dah pergi Penang awal tahun haritu :)

Goin down the subway for our 1st night out during the 2nd night

In the subway train

Subway again
4th day : Nasib Do Re Mi XD

1 of my favourite session / lecture.. she is so fun to listen to :)

Ambil placing utk performance sebelum our last session before going to the 2nd day of GCED Conference

Final night, bahagikan barang brochure souvenir semua sebelum packing barang masing-masing

With our chief and my partner in crime at school waiting for our last dancing practice

At the gym after finishing our dancing pracrice session XD

banyak sangat slot yang menarik, kalau nak cerita semua sampai lusa tak habis lagi. LOL. So untuk closing ceremony, saya cerita dalam post lain k. Till then, ciao...

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