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I know this is a very late post, really sorry about that. Kitorang sekarang dah kat Korea pun ^^ Just want to share a little bit about the interview because I got many questions from my fellow teacher friends about this programme, what is it, how to apply and what are the qualifications. So here we go..

Permohonan KOREA-MALAYSIA TEACHER EXCHANGE PROGRAMME atau lebih dikenali sebagai KOMTEP ni dibuka pada setiap tahun pada bulan MAC di laman web KPM ( Antara syarat penting yang ditetapkan pada tahun ini ialah :

1. Minimum 5 tahun tempoh perkhidmatan
2. Berumur tidak melebihi 50 tahun
3. Markah LNPT purata untuk 3 tahun berturut-turut = 85
4. Can converse in English

Hat syarat yang lain tu macam biasa la seperti bukan peminjam tegar, tak disenarai hitam & sihat tubuh badan bla bla bla. Honestly I hesitated at first about applying since I just got the 5 years minimum qualification & it was quiet hard for me to go out from school to do the medical check up & such (saya ngajar sekolah pedalaman). In the end gagahkan diri gak pi KPJ and PPD semua to complete the form and Alhamdulillah, I got the call for the interview!!!

Tarikh : 12 April 2018
Masa : 8.30am - 5.00pm
Tempat : Bahagian Pendidikan Guru, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Putrajaya

But the challenge doesnt stop there. For the interview, all expenses are to be paid by ourselves. Again I hesitated of going since of course it gonna cost me so much. But I decided to go and habis almost RM1k gak la untuk flight, hotel & transport semua.

Candidates from my interview room

Lebih kurang 36 - 40 orang guru dipanggil dari seluruh Malaysia untuk interview dan kami dibahagikan kepada 4 bilik temuduga yang berbeza di 4 tingkat yang berbeza. So I only got to meet the 9 teachers in my interview room. Tapi untuk bootcamp, hanya 20 orang akan dipanggil semula untuk pemilihan akhir. 

Alhamdulillah, that evening, I got the call to confirm that I got the callback for the bootcamp!!! Time tu memang happy gila rasa tak sia-sia fly jejauh & every drops of sweats (& penny) membuahkan hasil ^^

Just to share some tips of what I did during the interview :

1. Be yourself, show your best personality
2. Be talkative but polite, with good manner
3. Show them what you got if you have any talent like singing and dancing, they would love that
4. Answer honestly. If you dont know the answer just tell them straight. Do not ever "goreng" ur answer or ull end up with even more questions regarding things you may not know or not really sure about

So guys, please please please, if you have what it takes, do apply for next year. If I can do this, this very regular teacher, so do you. Till the next post. Ciao :)

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