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F.Y.I, this KOREA-MALAYSIA TEACHER EXCHANGE PROGRAMME a.k.a KOMTEP is organised by UNESCO Asia Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and funded by the Ministry Of Education Korea and Ministry Of Education Malaysia by 80/20. Senang cakap, 8 guru Malaysia are fully sponsored by MOE Korea, while the other 2 are sponsored by KPM.
All 10 In KLIA with KPM officers

The 8 after checking in our luggages with some of the very kind KPM officers

So even for flights, kitorang 10 orang ni dapat flight yang berlainan. Saya dan 7 orang guru lain yang under MOE Korea naik Korean Air, while the other 2 of course naik Malaysia Airlines.Thankfully our flights are only 5 minutes apart so we still arrived in Korea around the same time, but different terminal. So kitorang terpisah 10 orang (8 orang guru + 2 orang KPM officer) dengan 2 orang lagi tu start dari boarding di KLIA sampai la kat hotel di Seoul.

Selamat tiba di Incheon

7 + 2 of us ^^ (sorang pi toilet kalo tak silap. LOL)

The 8 with our fairy god mother, Miss Aini & Mr. Akmal lining up for imigration check 

Ketibaan kitorang di Incheon airport disambut oleh Miss Bae Hyun Joo, the APCEIU officer yang arrange Malaysian teacher for this programme. Then kitorang gerak ke hotel Courtyard by Marriott di Seoul Times Square. Hotel mahal kau! Nak duduk sendiri memang tak mampu la. Hahaha. So alhamdulillah kerana KOMTEP, dapat merasa duk hotel mewah ^^

With the lovely Mis Bae Hyun Joo at Incheon International Airport

Tapi since kitorang sampai pagi, sampai hotel tu sempat rehat dalam sejam je then terus turun pi lunch kat 1 restoran kat Seoul Times Square tu (makan buffet) and by 1pm da p APCEIU to start our Local Adjustment Training. Masa tu, rasa penat tu hanya tuhan yang tahu (bersambung dalam post seterusnya.....)

Our hotel room. No worries, bilik air tu ada tirai XD

Courtyard by Marriot

Getting ready to our 1st session for the Local Adjustment Training. Masa ni seriously saya tengah mamai, mengantuk, jetlag after taking a total of 4 flights / about 10+ hours flight time in total. LOL

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