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Actually untuk KOMTEP ni kitorang ada 2 kali orientasi, 1 di Malaysia, di tempat yang sama kami bootcamp haritu, 1 lagi di Korea pada minggu pertama kami di Korea nanti. So for this post, I want to share about the Malaysia orientation session first. It was held as per detail below (basically a month before we fly) :

Tarikh : 6 - 8 Ogos 2018
Tempat : Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri Sembilan, Port Dickson

luncheon bersama sebelum memulakan sesi orientasi

khuyuk tak khuysuk? :p

This is more like a preparation before we fly becasue this is the only time we could meet and gather alltogether before we fly to Korea. So it is better to get everything done and decided during this session.

The 10 with KPM officers

The slots basically are filled by the alumni from last year's batch to give us guidance & advices for us to prepare better. Of course it was very helpful. We couldnt thank more for all their help. Kamsahamnida sunbaenimduel ^^

Can you spot the famous face of Cikgu Hailmi there? LOL

With 2017 batch sunbaenimdeul + Cikgu Hailmi

Alltogether.. we are 1 big family :)

But of course the most crucial part would be the preparation for our cultural performance. Mind you guys, every group of teachers from every country would have to present a 7 minutes performance during the closing ceremony of the Local Adjustment Training in Korea later.

Latihan persembahan di malam hari

Ours, we have changed our performance many times I must say. Initial plan was to do busking and dancing, but due to baggage allowance restriction, the busking plan have to be trashed away and we just stick to a full on dance performance. Pandai tak pandai belakang kira. Abam pun tak pandai and tak biasa menari, tapi demimu KOMTEP, hah kau menari ala pro kononnya (sila muntah)

My newfound siblings :) (Time ni baru habis oreintasi semua dah habis betri. LOL)

Tapi nak tengok persembahan kitorang, tunggu post akan datang ye, then korang boleh gelak pepuas :p.. Until then, ciao~

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