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Dim Sum Halal @ Xinjiang Restaurant, Klana Resort

so beberapa hari yang lepas, time semua orang sebok nak bercuti sekolah, kitorang lak sebok nak makan dim sum..miahaha..actually aku memang da lama sangat kepingin nak makan dim sum, sejak selepas pertama kalinya terjatuh chenta dengan insan, eh makanan yang bernama dim sum ni time konvo abang aku kat Mandarin Oriental Hotel akhirnya aritu dapat gak memuaskan taste bud ku ini..huhu..actually dim sum ni senang sangat taw nak dapat, kat pasar malam pun ada, murah lak tuh *bole la*..tapi nak carik yang halal dan murah tu sangat lah kepada sesape yang teringin nak makan dim sum HALAL dengan harga yang berpatutan bole la pegi try makan kat restoran ni..

entrance stairs ke restoran

ok Restoran Xinjiang ni ialah restoran cina muslim yang terletak kat dalam Klana Resort kat Seremban nun..& rasanya mmg specialties diorang la kot bab2 dim sum ni sebab memang kalo tengok pakej makan utama yang diorang highlight pun ialah pakej Dim Sum Buffet eat all you can diorang tuh..& F.Y.I buffet ni bukan jenis yang makanan semua da siap terhidang so kita tinggal gi amek je tuh..buffet ni jenis bila kita order baru diorang buat & siapkan on the spot..memang agak lambat sketla tapi serius memang puas hati sebab dapat makan dim sum yang fresh bru siap masak & still panas2 lagi nih *serius panas okeh!* rasanya cukupla dlu berleter ye..meh tgk antara dim sum yang kitorang sempat baham @ mampu baham sebenarnya sebab tersangat-sangatlah kenyangnya makan dim sum - dim suman ini..huhuhu
1st - Appetizer

Shark's Fin Soup With Seafood - this soup is seriously damn delicious! with a generous amount of shark's fin *do not refer to the pic cause it was taken after some*, & the ingredients combination, the taste was just marvelous..i cant even describe how but it just taste really good, for me personally:)

Shark's Fin Dumpling Soup - i would say this one is just an average soup, with less shark's fin to compare to the other soup, it even taste just like some regular soup..nothin so special..but if you prefer something mild, this would be ok i guess..

2nd - Steamed Dim Sum
i would say i prefer the steamed dim sum rather than the fried lets look at the steamed first ^_^

Steamed Shark's Fin Dumpling - another shark's fin based think i really just had a thing with shark's fin..lmao..& this is totally one of the best dim sum ive had that day

Steamed Turkey Ham Roll with BBQ Sauce - okayla..the sauce was kinda sweet..

Steamed Scallop Dumpling - i honestly dont know if i just get this wrong but i think there was more of crab stick instead of scallop..or maybe it was just me because we were just so busy tasting every each of the dish while we ordered like 5 - 6 dish at a time..lmao was just another so so dish..

Steamed Chicken Wing with Black Bean and Chilli Slice - seriously this is a must try! the taste was just..heaven!!! love it so much!!! you really need to try it by yourself ;p

Steamed Prawn Rolled with Rice Flour - a really nice one actually..especially with the whole combination..the topping is a dried shrimp somewhat like belacan i cannot have too much of the topping..huhu

Steamed Prawn Dumpling - a good one..nothin else to say:)

Steamed Chicken Dumpling With Crab Roe - this is actually our last dish before desert..while we were actually so damn full, still manage to finish yeah it is kinda good..

3rd - Fried Dim Sum
not much of a fan after some steamed doesnt mean they're not good..there's even a fav for me actually..hehe

Deep Fried Mango Seaweed Roll - just okay..hardly taste the mango wonder because if you look into the filling, you'll only see a bit amount of mango..huhu

Deep Fried Cheesy Prawn Roll - i think it was better than that mango seaweed roll..maybe because of the cheese..& yeah it was better which is kinda good but not quiet great though..huhu

Prawn Triangle With Salad - it looks kinda seriously - maybe just because im a karipap (curry puff) lover..LMAO*..but yeah, it taste pretty good..

Deep Fried Yam Dumpling - seriously, i would say this is the best among those fried dim sum we had that day!! crispy skin with creamy fillings..the feelin when it get into the mouth alone was just..i dont know how to say it came along with the yeah it is also a must try!

4th - Desert
we actually didnt know the package also included a's not even in the it was a very last call..though the fact we were so damn full at that time, we still manage to finish them, so yeah it was pretty good too..but unfortunatley i hardly recall the exact name for the

Coconut Jelly - this cold & sweet jelly is very refreshing..a very good way to end the dining:)

Ginseng Soup - i hardly recognize whats in this soup..theres some roots which what supposed to be the ginseng i guess, two somewhat like white balls with a somewhat sweet filling, & also a pair of dry fruits which looks & taste like dates but smaller & dark red should i say this..but my expressions when i had this dish was somelike like this; "oh my gosh, what i just ordered? it taste like..hmm..wait a minute..its actually kinda good!"..yea i know that sounds kinda unbelivable..even my bro was really surprised when i finished the whole soup! hahaha..ginseng is good for your health right? so i think theres no problem with that;p

so thats it..all of this including a bottomless chinese tea is only for RM30 per person *excluding the service charge & tax though* seriously i highly recommend you to go there if you wanna have a taste of good dim sum with reasonable jap..sorry2 da terspeaking plak sepanjang post serius mmg tak menyesal punya & berbaloi dgn setiap sen yang dibelanjakan..pergh..hoho..okla itu je la kot buat masa ni..len kali aku merepek lagi..adios ^_^



    1. good for u :)
      maybe some update on ur buka puasa?
      really miss their dim sum :)

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